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The communication agency KOMITET was founded in 2017 due to the merger between Art-Project Corporation, directed by Tatyana Sivovolova, and a working group the B2B & International Cooperation Committee, represented by Artem Strochkin and established under the auspices of the Lipetsk regional department of Opora Russia. Specializing in hosting exceptional social and corporate events, Tatyana Sivovolova contributed her large experience in the event-planning industry to this tandem, thus proving herself to be a successful event-producer in Southern Russia.
Artem Strochkin, as an experienced networker, contributed his long-term practice in creating B2B/B2G marketing communications, both within and outside the national territory.

A unified team, experience exchange combining talent and professionalism became a natural response to the growing demand for the provision of high-quality business event services. The quality according to us is not only to create events, but also to provide great inspiration, in-depth preparation; to form the rights channels, responsive to the needs; to define the target audience and to work for a target market; to elaborate the concept of the event with clear sequence and verified elements of the delivering the necessary information. Practical experience and scientific approach are always combined in our events. It enables us not only to argue our actions, but also to predict their results in the best possible way. >We built a cohesive team which brings to a conclusion every project, striving to pursue the highest results.

Our motto is Precisely, clearly and in the best possible way.


Artem Strochkin

Commercial director
First Deputy Chairman of the Lipetsk regional department of Opora Russia
Director of the B2B & International Cooperation Committee

Tatyana Sivovolova

Director of Art-Project Corporation
Member of the international organization Women in Business


Business Events

We can organize each type of event, mainly business. The largest event, hosted by our team, counted approximately 15 000 people. We can successfully organize:

  • Round tables, symposiums, forums.
  • Official receptions and meetings.
  • Business anniversary celebrations and product launches.
  • Thematic conferences and seminars.
  • Large-scale cultural events.


Working for target audience is one of our main focuses. It regards certain professionals, official representatives of an organization, economically active population, young people, entrepreneurs and public sector employees. This type of service can be a part of the organized event or provided separately. Its essence lies in the work built only around the target audience determined by the customer and the event is filled with a certain category of person. Also, after the event, a card based on psychographic factors can be created for the customer, which will allow more efficiently to deliver the necessary information to its audience.

Exhibition partner (EXPO partner)

Very effective complex service, significantly improving the quality of participation in the exhibition. It consists of the following elements:

  • Creating and designing a pavilion or exhibition space.
  • Service provision for pavilion specialists and visitors.
  • Catering services.
  • Formation of a business space and organization of meetings within the exhibition.
    (Study, identification of key persons, preliminary contacts, organization of escort to the pavilion)
  • Speech by experts, awards, entertainment elements.
  • Organization of a press zone, additional information lighting.

Event producer

Attracting sponsors and additional funding for your event, as well as finding options for joint participation based on marketing objectives and feasibility.

Event Transportation Management

We have a partner fleet of 8 buses of tourist class, which allows us to carry out a transfer within the framework of our events. Also, depending on the employment schedule, we can offer transportation services for participants of events. If necessary, the buses are provided with audio / video equipment.


Our experience builds upon projects of different degrees of complexity and significance. For all the time, by and large, we have implemented more than 63 projects embracing 14 industries, with more than 13,000 participants involved. We are glad to present to your attention a small part of our projects.

The delegation of the Republic of Belarus, Lipetsk


The delegation of the Republic of Belarus, Lipetsk




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